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3 Roadblocks to Church Unity

This is War!

Imagine a resistance army fighting against an evil empire. This army struggles to hold back the encroaching darkness while working to rescue those who have fallen captive to its power. Much good has come from their efforts, but there’s one glaring weakness: they are comprised of dozens of distinct groups... that itself is not the issue, their various sizes, locations, and fighting abilities actually serve to their advantage, the problem is

that they don't work together nearly as much as they could. Their communication is lacking, and they often fail to coordinate their efforts. Sometimes they have disagreements regarding seemingly small details related to battle techniques and strategies and as a result, opt to keep their distance. In spite of their differences, all of these groups have given their allegiance to the same prince who they believe is the rightful king of all the lands that have been overtaken by the darkness. Ironically, this prince has specifically said …

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