Does it make any sense to say you love Jesus while ignoring His church?

You can profess belief in Christ. You can even have great theology. However, the test of that belief, according to Scripture, is love for the brethren (your spiritual family). The way that this gets worked out according to the New Testament is in the context of the local church. You can't practice the "one another" commands of the Bible when living in isolation or separated from accountable commitment to a local body of believers. 

To say that you don't need to be committed to a local church in order to live the Christian life is arrogance.

To say that the local church doesn't need your commitment is hatred to your brothers and sisters.

To dismiss the church is to dismiss that for which Christ died.

Can you really say you love someone and at the same time ignore or abandon the very thing that they love most? Jesus loves His church with an everlasting love.

Nathan Cedarland is a servant-leader of Kaleo Community, a gospel-centered church in Aberdeen, WA. He is passionate about God, his family (his wife Julissa and their five kids), his church family, equipping the Spanish-speaking church throughout the Americas, and film-making.


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